The Trials of Icons

The Coat of Arms of Sanok is the short presentation of the regional history. Besides of the Coat of Arms of Sforz family there have been placed St. Michael – Patron of Kievan Rus’, where the Sanok Land belonged to 1340. The third part of the coat is a white eagle with the crown as a sign of connection with The Republic of Poland. From the times of the King Casimir the Great, who has been known as the benefactor of this region, the Sanok Land has become the agglomeration of various cultures and nations. It has been a place of living for Poles,Jews, Germans, Italians,Ukrainians, Lemkos and the Boyko.

Unfortunately citizens of the Sanok County were cruelly harmed in the past. Firstly, extermination of Poles and Jews during the Second World War and next home war between Poles and Ukrainians caused commemoration of them only as forgotten cemeteries,the Orthodox Churchestransformed intotheRoman Catholic Churches, icons saved in the museums in Sanok or reconstructed cottages in the Museum of the Folk Housing Development in Sanok. In this place remained also a spiritual heritage. It is worth to mention that in the Sanok County are still living believers’ of sevenreligious factions. The results of mentioned events are not only Ecumenical Days, but also the Festival „One God – many cultures”, realized each year in July. The aim of mentioned event is presentation of Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Jewish cultures. Today, on the terrain of the Sanok County is living Ukrainian minority - not much over 2 % of citizens. Commemorationof their existence are numerous monuments like wooden Orthodox Churches, one of them is dated on the 17th century. In spite of the fact that the most of them have been transformed into the Roman Catholic Churches,they saved their natural beauty. At present we can admire them as The Trial of Icons divided into two routes: „The valley of the river Osława” and „The valley of the river San”. To sum up, there are almost 30 worth seeing objects located along both trails. If we go by car we can visit mentioned routes within four days. It is worth to take a guide, especially during group trips, because we have a chance not only to find out more about tradition and culture of the region, but the most important is that we won’t miss other attractive places. The routeshave also foot and bicycle versions, but the time of visiting islonger.

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