Museum of History

During the visit in Sanok one can’t miss the Museum of History, what should be called the museum of art, because there are gathered priceless, undisputable value art collections on European scale. That is why the museum is defined as the one of the most valuable small museums in Poland. Collection in the castle is situated on the steep slope, from wherecan be seen the Słonne Mountains and panoramic view of Sanok. The castle was built between 1523-1548-58, in the Renaissance style, with stone casingof the doors and windows made in the workshops in Krakow. The Renaissance elements have beencompletelyforgotten in the 19th century. In 50’ the Renaissance character has been returned of double windows situated on the southern side of the castle. During the renovation lasting from 1993 has been returnedalmost completely the Renaissancestone of the doors and windows casing. All surface of the castle is allocated for permanent museum expositions. Apartments in the castle are the place of concerts, meetings with authors, exhibitions.

The castle is a place of exposition containing over 600 of icon paintings and the Orthodox art. The greatest compilations than ours are only collections coming from Russia, Ukraine and Greece. The collection of mediaeval icons presents numerous unique masterpieces.

In the gallery „Around École de Paris” is a collection of predominant masterpieces, abstractions, Bretonian and Provencal landscape, stagnant nature, portraits. Apart from leading for Polish art surnames such as: Pankiewicz, Boznańska, Makowski Cybis, there are also gathered works of artists from abroad, eg., Jules Flandrin, who was connected with Fauvist or Manuel Ortiz de Zarate coming from Chile, who is one of the coauthors of the of the Montparnasslegend from 20’of the 20th century.

The gallery of Zdzisław Beksiński is a unique treasure of the museum – it is being visited and contemplated by innumerable crowds of visitors – interests of his works is constantly growing, especially after the tragic death of the artist. Beksiński is one of the greatest contemporary artists, who had favorable attitude to the museum in Sanok. After his death all his works have been placed in the Museum of History in Sanok.

The largest author's collection of masterpieces of Zdzisław Beksiński takes the place of 70m2. At present one wing of the castle is being reconstructed. The biggest in the world Gallery of masterpieces of Zdzisław Beksiński will be shown there and its opening is planned on the beginning of 2012.

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