Museum of folk housing

These, who don’t have enough time to travel or wander along the Sanok County, should visit the Museum of the Folk Housing Development in Sanok (Heritage Park). The museum is situated on the right bank of the river San, in the part of Sanok called White Mountain and it takes 38 ha. The unique character of gathered collections, and also the way of their presentation inconnection with the Carpathian nature causes that this special place is often called as a magic, causing the reflection about the time and lapse, reminding events and memories forgotten many years ago, which have been coded in aged wood ubiquitous here. Visiting the unique „museum of village”, we can connect with cognitive andscientific values, real relax and rest near the Carpathian nature,bewitching beauty every single season

Reconstructingoftypical country layout of buildingsand farms’ equipment, on the terrain of the Museum of the Folk Housing Development in Sanok have been gathered almost 150 wooden buildings dated from the 17th to 20th century and over 31 000 exhibits presenting folk, bourgeois, sacred and courtculture housing inthe store roomsand expositions. In sectors connected with pre-war ethnic groups (the Boyko, Lemkos, Dolinianiein, Pogórzanie) and their physiographic location on the terrain, besides housing, housing and economic and also economic buildings, there are placed sacred objects: one Roman Catholic Church, three Orthodox Churches (two Boyko Orthodox Churches and one Lemko Orthodox Church) and also picturesque chapels. Farm facilities have been completed by public utility facilities (school, inns, depot), industrial objects (smithy, windmills, water mill, sawmill, oil devices), and also court and parsonic buildings. Most of objects mentioned above have been fully furnished and they are available to visitors. Inside some of them are presented to visitor expositions as follows: „Carpathian Icon”, „Bogdańscy – the family from Jaślisko”, „Chwalcie Pana wszystkie narody. Judaica and sacred art in the Museum of the Folk Housing Development in Sanok”, „Craft in Galician town” and also „The school in the past, from the half of the 19th century to 1944”.

At present, on the terrain of the Museum of the Folk Housing Development in Sanok is being realized the project: „Galician square. Building of the city sector in the Museum of the Folk Housing Development in Sanok”. Around the quadrangular square are being built 26 wooden buildings, their layout and various functionality has been based on a little towns from the south-eastern part of Poland, in the period from the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the Second World War. On the terrain of Galician square will be presented the most typical and important features of social and economic life - these smallest town-planning elements. There are located as follows: inn, post office, commune office, depot, pharmacy, houses (including: Jewish houses, teacher’s house, driver’s house), shops and institutions (carpenter, hairdresser, tailor, shoemaker, watch-maker, photographer and also bakery). Reconstructed buildings won’t be empty architectural creatures, but „living” objects with appropriate furniture, equipments and device. The interiors of all buildingswill be thepresentation of life, work and rest of contemporary burghers in that multinational society.

The Museum of the Folk Housing Development in Sanok – magic world with wood, invites visitors all year round, for relaxing, reflective walk among scents, tastes, warm and nice views from the past, like in grandmother’s memories. Its unique wealth is creative, soothing, beautiful and unforgettable.